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Dental Office Fairfax: Maintaining Your Recommended Dental Visits

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Dental Office Fairfax | We all know that regularly brushing and flossing our teeth is extremely important in maintaining the health and appearance of our teeth, smile and gums. But some people are of the mistaken belief that this is all that it takes to maintain oral health. It’s easy to forget the other part: keeping up with your recommended dental visits like exams and cleanings.

Just by visiting their local dental office Fairfax residents can ensure that their teeth and smiles look their best.

Prevention Is Key

It’s important to take a look at how problems begin when they are small to help prevent them from becoming larger problems down the road. One reason that regular dental visits are recommended is so that your dental team can get a look at your mouth and teeth to detect any problems in their early stages. Even though you may not have noticed any problems, professionals are trained to recognize them, often before you do. This helps to prevent unnecessary, complicated and expensive dental procedures.


Tooth Decay

There really is no such thing as a completely clean mouth. Oral bacteria are always present at some level, no matter how carefully you brush and floss your teeth. If you forget to brush and floss occasionally, bacteria can have a chance to grow and thrive in your mouth.

Over time, bacteria creates acids that have a corrosive effect on tooth enamel – the hard, outer part of the teeth. Eventually, this can lead to the formation of a hole, commonly called a cavity. As a cavity progresses, undetected and untreated, a bacterial infection can eventually reach the soft, inner part of your tooth known as the pulp. Dental pulp is soft tissue housing many nerves and blood vessels. If it becomes extremely inflamed or infected, it could cause the loss of your tooth or the need for a root canal procedure.

Simply keeping up with your brushing and flossing at home, combined with your regular dental appointments, should keep tooth decay at bay. Our dental office in Fairfax will take care of all your needs.

Gum Disease

Periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease, is a chronic inflammatory condition affecting the gums. Since the gums support and nourish the teeth, gum disease can undermine your teeth, eventually causing them to loosen and fall out if things progress too far.

Symptoms of Gum Disease:

  • Red, inflamed gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Tender gums

Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings are a regular type of dental visit that gives your dental hygienist an opportunity to examine your mouth and clean your teeth to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. You may be doing a great job at home with your oral hygiene, but simply missed a few spots. This can allow plaque to form, which eventually transitions into tartar. Only your dental team has the training and tools necessary to remove tartar, which helps to prevent gum disease.

Scheduling Your Next Dental Visit

Have you been putting off recommended dental visits like exams and cleanings? We hope by now that you realize how important these routine appointments are. To get back on track with these vital dental visits, contact your dental office in Fairfax today to book an appointment for yourself or a family member.

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